Friday, 5 September 2008

Gaelle Denis & SSSR "Two Worlds" (United Airlines 2)

The United Airlines second round of animated commercials has thrown up again some astonishingly accomplished work though sadly, the ads are not aired here in the UK. Two Worlds showcases the talent of no less than two studios. The airline is to be commended for its use of the most talented animators around. The ad features a would-be airline passenger who loses his ticket to a gust of wind. The ticket leads to a doorway and thence to a different world - conventional enough in concept though imaginatively executed. The key is the change from drab black and white to full colour. The doorway leads to Gaelle Denis' fantasy of a flying and ornate chair accompanied by various denizens of the skies whisking the traveller away. The grey scenes are equally memorable and act naturally enough as a foil to the colour. The co-directors responsible for the street scene were SSSR the Norwegian/ Japanese producers of the superb Oxfam - Be Humankind commercial featured here a while back. Gaelle “was responsible for the fantasy world. Her style uses a combination of live action, computer generation, matte paintings for the backgrounds, and After Effects. The live action characters were shot against a green screen and then composited into the fantasy world.” I know Gaelle from her excellent City Paradise and After the Rain both of which I intend to write about in an ever increasing list. Gaelle is one of our international graduates of the Royal College of Art. It's certainly time to fly.

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