Thursday, 11 September 2008

Ishu Patel "Moondust" (United Airlines 2)

The stills say it all. Moondust is a sublime exercise in colour and symbolism. One of the latest in the United Airlines campaign, the ad has a winged being appearing from a rich blue, soaring amongst the planets before embracing the earth, slicing off a new moon and falling asleep with it in one of the new reclining seats provided by the airline. Indian-born and Canadian based Ishu Patel is another of those internationally renowned animators commissioned by the company. Filmed from above in darkness and lit from below by a 1000 bulb, the different thicknesses of coloured plasticine allow varying degrees of light to flow through. The result is a glowing illumination that is eye-catching in the extreme. I first discovered Ishu's work from two early, Oscar nominated pieces Afterlife/ Après la vie and Bead Game/ Histoire de perles. Both links are to Canada’s NFB for which he has worked. He is to be the subject of one of my Sunday Classics.

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