Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Jack R Tilley "Breaking The Mould" (& Aleksandr Petrov)

Breaking The Mould by Jack R Tilley is an interesting piece that distinguishes differences between the toiling adult, heaving away with his axe at a tree, and the young boy playing without a care in the world. The heavy work of the man contrasts markedly with the joyous world of the child whose reality is a mould to be altered at will: an arm can extend like putty and a dog morph into globules ready for whatever shape the imagination can bestow on it. Simply drawn but with a most fetching fluidity of movement the animation is glued together by a suitably dreamy soundtrack by Pete Renton. I like work founded on the basic principles of drawing. Recently graduated from the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham, Jack lives quite near me at Peterborough. His website has two other movies made in 2007, shorter pieces about hands (Devil’s Playthings) and feet (These Feet). Finally and in preparation for tomorrow enjoy this short reel from Pascal Blais featuring the work of the great Aleksandr Petrov. (As a youth I once had a short story published in an anthology sandwiched between two of the literary greats and it made me feel great - so it's a heads-up for Jack!)

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