Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Jaromír Plachý Hrouda/The Clod

Hrouda (The Clod) that did so well at the recent AniFest 2008 is indisputably in the great Czech comic tradition. 22 year 0ld Jaromír Plachý has produced a punchy piece that explores the position of the underdog in life, the little man, pushed and pulled as the world sees fit, a victim to big business, political manoeuvring, fashion, housing policies. The little man, examined, picked up, chewed a bit, passed through the digestive tract of life, jettisoned. Well, I think it's that. Ignore all the comments I normally make about artistic ability and the like. Třeboň's jury of Phillip Bergson, Moon-Saeng Kim and Gabriele Zucchelli awarded Jaromír's work the prize for Best Internet Animation and he also won the Audience Award. Now in the UK we have an artist, Damien Hirst, whose talent is conspicuously absent in my eyes and still makes his millions. When I showed my classes Hrouda they suggested they could do better. I should be so lucky a teacher. It's not a case of the innocent seeing through the emperor's non-existent clothes. Hrouda is funny and wise, the ending beautifully summarising the situation. It has my vote.

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