Monday, 15 September 2008

Joaquin Baldwin "Papiroflexia"

Today’s movie is chosen for three reasons. First it showcases the website and international organisation founded by the Egyptian film-maker Jehane Noujaim. She won the TED (Technology Entertainment Design) prize in 2006 obtaining $100,000. The result is Pangea Day, an international multimedia event held in May this year and to which yesterday’s post referred in its impressive quality of video for More. The second reason is that it introduces the work of Paraguay's Joaquin Baldwin to which I shall return later this week. Finally it links up with tomorrow's film about a boy who can transform his world. Enough of the preamble. Papiroflexia (Spanish for “origami”) has Fred making paper creations in front of his cat. The noise from the outside world begins to distract him and Fred proceeds to fold traffic sign, car and aeroplane into rather more attractive beasts. Nick Fevola's light music is suitably enhancing and there is a simple, textured quality to the animation that works well. Animations don't change the world but the spirit in which Joaquin's vision is offered certainly is more optimistic than the turmoil occurring in today's world. As Cameron Diaz puts it: "How can films change the world? They can't, but the people who watch them can. By changing minds, we change the world. My own passion is climate change; this film inspires me." Never thought I'd get Cameron into one of my posts.

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