Saturday, 6 September 2008

Konstantin Bronzit "Au Bout Du Monde" (At the Ends of the Earth)

Au Bout Du Monde (1998) by Konstantin Bronzit could have easily fitted into my Sunday Classics selection as anywhere but as I have that slot earmarked, here it is. It plots the day in the life of a family who live on top of a hill. At the very top - the apex, pinnacle, vertex. This is not just an exercise in synonyms: the house veers precariously one way and the next whenever the collection of farm animals, visitors, family or vehicles enters the dwelling. Through it all the inhabitants remain remarkable stoic, even cheerful, as normal life carries on as if nothing is amiss. The opening and closing of the seven minute piece are models of how to structure a movie. Incidental humour, nothing laboured: a delightful comic short.

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