Saturday, 27 September 2008

Maxime Vannienschoot and Thomas Delache "Hold Duck"

Hold Duck (2007) is not a movie that takes itself too seriously, only the style in which it is told. Man and woman criminal team masquerade as butler and maid for a perfectly hideous employer who has a valuable jewel hidden away. The action is conventional enough with the pair accepting the frightful bullying without demur, slipping a powerful drug into the bedtime drink and attempting to steal the key to the safe where untold riches lie. Of special note are the classy opening credits as the pair arrive in arty silhouette before the monochrome piece unfolds in tongue-in-cheek parody, aided in no small part by the specially composed music of Stéphane Orlando that fills in the gaps and adds to the charm considerably. The lady of the house is a fine creation looking as if she could never be seen in sunlight (so would have to steal dalmatians in the day.) There's a rare sense of delicacy about this Supinfocom Valenciennes animation. Maxime Vannienschoot and Thomas Delache score on the technical and artistic side with an accomplished, distinctive movie.

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