Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Oktyabrina Potapova "ОДНАЖДЫ" ("Once")

Russian animation is synonymous with class and the nation's great tradition in this area. One of the difficulties for me as a UK national is my inability to understand the Russian language and in particular the foreign alphabet. One quite invaluable movie resource is the YouTuber, pavlovich74. Today's movie ОДНАЖДЫ (Once) is one of his latest contributions by a director I do not know, Oktyabrina Potapova. Based on a traditional story by from the Siberian people, the Yakut, it tells the tale of two hunters attempts to fight back against a wood monster. Beautifully drawn as is the norm in Russian animation the tale revolves around a neat means by which the two hunters teach their persecutor a lesson - by enlisting the services of a would-be sleeping bear. Language is certainly not an issue in this warm hearted 2002 movie. Another more recent YouTuber, mmkatkova, notes that the bear in Siberian myth has significance in cosmic and social order: here he certainly imposes his own order! My Sunday Classic movie will be a Russian film that I simply love .

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