Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Dave Gilbert & Quantic "Flowering Inferno - Death Of The Revolution"

It helps when one appreciates the music and Quantic is a band I enjoy listening to. Dave Gilbert "and a couple of friends" have created a new music video for them using rather unusual if common-place disposable items. I'll let Dave explain: "We used stop-motion filmed pizza boxes to create this 'pizza-box world', re-enacting a 'revolution' of sorts. Its pretty different to the usual music video I'd say..." See what you think of Death Of The Revolution. It's good fun. It's perfectly synchronised piece with the boxes being heaped and unheaped merrily whilst adding greatly to the music. I'm a fan of UB40 from way back and the track reminds me of them. Dave's graduation movie Battery is, by the way, completely different from pizzas though it does have a food theme.

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