Monday, 22 September 2008

Raphael Frydman & Cyndi Lauper "True Colours" (Masif)

France’s leading car insurer commissioned 29 year old Raphael Frydman to make Macif - Epargne/Auto. I know it is an animation blog and this is live action but the clip does animate into a smile so technically complies. Anyhow the ad is such a sunny commercial for the company at a time of financial clouds that it deserves exposure outside France. The link in fact is to two ads but I prefer the first. We look down from above and see little dots moving on the shoreline. Raphael has captured the scene with just the right degree of silvery sunlight and the shadows lengthening. The guy runs from the water with his surfboard and joins the smiling face. I've seen the idea worked on several times but this is a little more stylish than most and I like the song. See more of Raphael's work at his MySpace. Cyndi Lauper's lyrics are tailor made for advertising something, it may as well be motor insurance:
"In a world full of people/ You can lose sight of it all/ And the darkness inside you/ Can make you feel so small/ But I see your true colours/ Shining through/ I see your true colours/ And that's why I love you/ So don't be afraid to let them show/ Your true colours/ True colours are beautiful,/ Like a rainbow." Like the song? Love the original video.

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