Saturday, 20 September 2008

Rich Scurry - RBC’s Blue Water Project - This Much

 Funny how some commercials hit the spot. I caught RBC’s Blue Water Project at No Fat Clips (via Motionographer) on September 8th and showed it to my classes in an attempt to get the boys to do beautiful. It has been much praised on the blogs. Directed by Rich Scurry the forty second ad campaigns on an ecological front to conserve fresh water. A rolling blue sea with dolphins and ocean liner is revealed as the planet Earth and we are informed that only 2.5% of the available water on the planet is fresh - "the world's most precious natural resource." Fish beneath water, deer, rabbit and trees beside water, water lilies and ripples on water - with the most delicate turquoise and brown, sunlight and shade, reflections and perspectives from below and above, this is a pleasant experience and powerful argument on behalf of its sponsors, the Royal Bank of Canada. Design by Jon Klassen and Rich Scurry, animation by Karolina Sobeski, Rich Scurry and Joshua Harvey. Jon Klassen has a distinctive technique, very flat and stylised, sumptuous use of light. The two illustrations are his rather than my normal screen-grabs - a click will reveal their detail. Jon has a graduation piece on YouTube made with Dan Rodrigues in their third year at Sheridan College, An Eye For Annai, which I'll take a look at soon. Add to that Rich's own work and I've got a programme. Tomorrow's work also commences with water but is an altogether darker piece.

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Steff Lee said...

Thanks for linking me to this :) It was a really beautiful piece of animation :)