Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Animacam On-Line Festival - 1st EDITION: THE CALL FOR ENTRIES IS FINISHED AND STARTS THE VOTING PHASE Now it’s time for the public to vote (since October the 1st until December the 1st) through the online voting system. We invite you to take part in this process and to spread the word among your friends and mantes: it’s not only about winning, but about watching and supporting the animators’ work with your points and as many comments as you want! Remember that, when registering, you should include all your personal details (name, surname and an identity number). This method is the only one reliable for us to assure that the votes are not manipulated. In the organization we defend the transparency of the selection system, and because of this we ask you for collaboration to confirm that the results are as fair as possible. In addition, we are working everyday to offer you the best interactivity, with the objective of improving the offer. In ANIMACAM.TV there are 160 films competing from 26 countries and 76 directors. After only three months of life ye wave received more than 43.000 visits to our website. We hope we can beat the record with your help now! We hope you found this news interesting and you decide to embrace the challenge of participating. Kind and animated regards in behalf of Animacam!

Xosé Luis Carneiro -Direction
Jesús E. Minguet -Official Section Direction
Sara Prieto Barrio -Communication

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