Friday, 17 October 2008

Caroline Attia "Gun"

Sarah and her faithful dog should be having the time of their lives. Gun is a powerful ad on behalf of the anti-gun lobby in the USA, specifically Citizens for a Safer Minnesota. It is interesting that in comments feedback for the recent Cartoon Brew review the subject matter should have come in for some criticism - beautiful waste of money is the sum of one. I'd intended to post on the short in September after initially browsing Caroline's website and would certainly have endorsed the message of the ad. In the UK it is self-evidently and blindingly obvious that the more guns around the more injuries will arise. In the States this is not so apparent and otherwise mild friends have expressed strong views. Produced using Photoshop and After Effects, founded on an admirably skilled drawing ability, Caroline's treatment of the paradoxes in timing from Sarah's birth as well as the everyday normality of growing up - loss of a tooth, spelling game, demise - is dramatically recounted. Her traditional 2D use of soft peach and light green-blues is utterly charming and therefore shocking when the worst occurs. No fence sitting here: guns should be controlled. Caroline lives in Boulogna and graduated from the ENSAD in Paris in 2004. I'd originally planned to link her work to Desperate For Love, covered a few days back - it was one of my favourite segments of that composite piece. She has oodles of talent and, for one so young, an extensive resume both as animator and illustrator.

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