Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Chansoo Kim "Woman in the Attic"

Woman in the Attic (2003) directed by Chansoo Kim in his second year at University of Southern California is an accomplished piece of work. Commencing in a darkly shadowed attic, an old woman examines her face in the mirror. The appearance of her young self launches an introspective examination in which one sees her younger selves. The film is non-linear, moving between the different stages of the woman’s life from child to her final days. Such is the interchange of ages that one cannot settle on the actual age of the woman. The younger woman opens a door though it is the child who actually enters and sees her older self on her death bed, whilst the adult woman is the figure who stands over the dying lady. The film has the varnished hue of antique old wood, both in the set and the puppets in this stop-motion animation. The actual set and the lighting of it are exemplary. The sombre quality is amplified by the sound effects of dripping tap or ticking clock and the professional music score by Patrick Kirst. The dialogue is terse: “I’m getting old” and “Wake up”. The film gleaned a clutch of awards and the animator's website is excellent though it is the invaluable AWNtv that features the film.

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