Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Ryan Dunn (Desperate for Love) & Daniel Garcia & Mixtape Club (Nothing Like This)

It's some time since I wrote up a genuine contemporary music video so, like when you're waiting for buses, here's two all at once. First Desperate for Love from the band Over the Rhine from their 2007 album, The Trumpet Child. (I don't know the band at all - thought it was a WW1 movie but the song is great as it happens.) The animation was created by a host of directors, each taking three weeks to complete their section: Ryan Dunn + Elliot Lim + Alex Foucre Stimes, Paul Cayrol, Masayoshi Nakamura + Magico Nakamura + Erik Montovano, Ryan Rothermel & Thai Tran + Jon Saunders + Cary Janks and Caroline Attia. Ryan Dunn was curator and producer for the project. I got a bit confused when I watched it first time round for it is a mixture of different styles and for the life of me I couldn't see why computer animation, live action and stop motion belonged in the same video. Now I understand, it's all clear, the music binds the piece together though I have my favourites. Ryan is one of the founders of Vitamin the Chicago-based animation and effects studio. The video is fun in that one may dip in and spot the joins, whilst being regally entertained by the band. Daniel Garcia also works for Vitamin and his Nothing Like This is a great piece for J Dilla, the hip-hop and soul music artist who died in 2006 at the unnaturally early age of 32. I loved the song that seemed to lodge in my head. Mixtape Club and Ganiel have created an excellent video with a character who is unfortunate in his choice of soul-mates - never thought I'd be sorry for a shark. It has a spectacular underwater sequence and, as it happens, a little variety in its style also. For extended credits and a high definition download head over here.

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