Thursday, 23 October 2008

Denise Hauser "6x7=" & "Les Cannibales"

Les Cannibales by Denise Hauser represents a shock to the system all right. Initially presenting itself as pop or promotional video things turn very nasty indeed. Waking up to reveal the faces in the screenshot bearing down on you is bad enough though things get decidedly worse in the nightmare that follows. There is a graphic Regan moment for those who know King Lear! Denise's 6x7= is marginally more relaxing though we have to work our way through various neuroses before we learn the mantra that sustains us in the face of adversity, from a childhood inability to calculate numbers to fear of flight. If nothing else Denise teaches the value of stoicism. Turn to Everything is alright for a corrective to all this, though if you do not like slippery fish sliding around a young woman's body don't look. After a year at the age of 16 at the School of Art and Design in her native Zurich and a brief career in design, Denise moved to the Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design to obtain her B.A before graduating to the Royal College of Art for her M.A. Her graduation movie Copy City is available in part on her excellent website. The featured movies cover both college courses and her portfolio is distinctive in being so mixed in terms of media used; a versatile and talented young woman, Denise seems equally adept with film as animation. She now works as a freelance animator and film-maker in Norway.

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