Saturday, 4 October 2008

Ed Beals "Defect" & "Giant Cow"

I first discovered the Flash animation work of Canada's Ed Beals in the days of the now sadly defunct Lycos' Animation Express. His series of Wenchell Bogum entertained my classes when I was too tired to teach. Despite naming his YouTube persona by the same name I am unable to discover the series on-line any more. More's the pity for its tale of a clueless janitor creating havoc in space was excellent, particularly the voice-over I seem to remember. It was an exemplar in witty animation using the medium of Flash. Giant Cow explores the comic possibilities of a transforming ordinary cow into giant cow. Made for Urban Surf Kings ten or so years ago it is as Ed has explained a very early example of the Macromedia (now Adobe) software. I commenced working with the program in 2000 and this cartoon was influential at that time. It's still fun today and has a catchy tune to boot. For a more recent piece try Defect made in 2003 about a machine working on an assembly line that inspects products for defects. It is in effect a huge eye on wheels, with metal grippers. When an unexpected termination in the assembly occurs the machine escapes to a more natural world and puts its mechanisms to productive use. Aided by pulse-like electronic music the piece flows along in rhythmic fashion to an optimistic conclusion. Hailing from Halifax, NS, Ed is an interesting figure, as demonstrated by a browse through his edspace blog and website where other movies are found, though sadly not Wenchell Bogum!


eebee said...

Wenchell and Ray will return to the web. It's just a matter of getting around to digging out the old flash movies and converting them to video files. The animation will look pretty crude by today's Flash standards, but I still think it was funny.

Ian Lumsden said...

It was funny. Flash has moved on but genuinely comic work stands the test. Hope to see it again.

Nerdzar said...

Just about every year I get a hankerin' to watch the Wenchell Bogum series again and conduct furious yet futile searches for it. But now, what I am reading? Someone (maybe the one) is promising to bring Wenchell back? I hope it's true.