Friday, 10 October 2008

International Animation Seminar In Southern Brazil

I received an interesting invitation today that my South American colleagues may be interested in - I have at least one. It is from Marko Ajdaric. Sadly paying the bills prohibits my transcontinental excursion though there is an on-line element:

As a result of my first speech about animated films at UCS (University of Caxias do Sul), we are organizing an international seminar in the city of Caxias do Sul, in southern Brazil. On October 23th and 30th and on November 6th, 13th and 20th , from 18 to 21:30 PM, Marko Ajdarić, editor of Neorama dos Quadrinhos, The widest 9th art newsletter in the world), will show long and short films, and talk online with film directors. The seminar is called Masters of Modern Animation.
The program: Oct 23 'Sigmund', short film by Vanessa Remonti, will be shown for the first time in Caxias do Sul (Vanessa is a film maker that lives in Caxias do Sul - the film will be first shown at the 3rd Granimado)
Short films by Daniel Messias on his work for Cartoon Network and a trailer of his upcoming film 'Tres Amigos' Exhibition of 'Dossiê Rê Bordosa', awarded film by Cesar Cabral (2008) Online discussion with Daniel Messias and Cesar Cabral
Oct. 30 Wagner Passos, the leader of the Grupo de Estudos em Animação da FURG, will be present to show the group's awarded works and debate many short selected Brazilian films that will be shown this day.
Nov. 6 Presentation of short films by Walter Tournier (Uruguay) Online debate with Tournier and an animated film director from Rio Grande do Sul.
Nov 13 Presentation of Patoruzito 1, by Jose Luis Massa (Argentina). Online debate with JL Massa and an animated film director from Rio Grande do Sul.
Nov. 20 International selected short films exhibition Online discussion with an an animated film director from Rio Grande do Sul.

Contacts: MSN Skype: markoajdaric
Best wishes
Marko Ajdaric

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Marko Ajdaric - Neorama dos Quadrinhos said...

Thank you for your attantion! It is quite nice to see our invitation at your blog.

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