Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Marie Paccou "Un Jour"

What do I know about animation? I was convinced that Un Jour , made in 1997 by Marie Paccou, was paint on glass. It's actually computer generated. Played out in the form of a fable it commences matter-of-factly with the news that, "One day, a man entered my belly." This is literally - for the man protrudes from her front and out of her back. When he leaves there is a hole. So bathtime becomes fun (how does he breathe?) and mealtime is on different levels. In dramatic fashion the situation of women the world over is graphically illustrated. The moody cello and the dark etched images add greatly to a film that is ultimately a sad one. The man in the woman's tummy was the first of many; he never caused her any trouble and was much better than the guy occupying the middle portion of the woman across the way. He drank.

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