Friday, 10 October 2008

Matthew Walker "Astronauts"

Astronauts directed by Matthew Walker is a third comedy from a genuinely talented man. His work was featured elsewhere on the Animation Blog - Operator and John and Karen are both very funny movies. Two astronauts in the depths of space have a slight technical problem occasioned by an inability of one of them not to touch a Do Not Press button. When the consequent reduction in the oxygen supply means there is only sufficient for one, decisions have to be taken and the relationship breaks down as irretrievably as it is possible to do. John and Karen was remarkable for the quality of the script: Astronauts uses subtitles though it is the use of silence that wins one over, gaping silences as one sees the mind of the astronaut ticking over: "what would happen if I ...?" "maybe I should just er..." Impeccably drawn in shades of grey with just the odd smidgen of red, Matthew produced the piece whilst at the International Film School Wales at the University of Wales, Newport in 2006. It may be downloaded in full from Computer Arts.

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