Monday, 27 October 2008

Michael Dudok de Wit: five commercials

Michael Dudok de Wit so impressed me that his Father and Daughter was selected as my favourite animation featured last year. His commercials for United Airlines were exemplary. The five commercials presented today were for Acme Filmworks and its AT&T Campaign (Young & Rubicam/NY). Shorter than the unusually long ones for UA they have that distinctive essence of Michael - heavy cartridge paper absorbing the brush, dipped liberally in water and an almost exclusively blue palette. He also has the surgeon's scalpel: neat, sharp cuts exposing the heart-strings. Although educated in his native Netherlands, Michael graduated from the West Surrey College of Art in 1978 and is now without doubt one of the great animators of our time. If only all ads were like this I'd miss the programmes. Founded in 1990 by Executive Producer Ron Diamond, Acme is outstanding for its quality of work. The films then, in no particular order: I'm Okay, Wheels, Catch, Crickets , and Campus Family.


Del said...

Wow. This is absolutely wonderful, isn't it? Did this blissful animator ever make a feature?

Ian Lumsden said...

"Father and Daughter" was his triumph - however in two weeks time I intend to write about another of his major movies as a "Sunday Classic". No feature movies though - in terms of length anyway. His work for "United Airlines" is astonishing and worth a glance further back at the blog. I did a feature on the airline's ads (I might even have some recents ones still to do come to think of it)and his were my favourites from a glorious selection of the world's best talent.