Thursday, 16 October 2008

Osbert Parker: television commercials

One of the most creative exponents of cut-out animation, Osbert Parker uses a blend of this and live action video in his films and, as in the four examples today, television commercials. A graduate of Middlesex Polytechnic Osbert is perhaps best known for his award winning shorts Film Noir (2005) and Yours Truly (2006), the latter being one I intend to feature shortly in the next few days. His commercial work shows all his often dazzling array of live action harnessed to different animation technologies. Physiology (for Kinkos) has an array of landscapes, notably the litter strewn skies above huge towering filing cabinets and a guy with a rubber neck, not to mention marching men with raincoats, hats and umbrellas striding out on a paper document; then we embark on a voyage into an eye and a desert before we hit paydirt and enter the office of Kinko's who solve all mankind's filing problems. It does what every commercial should do - grab attention and then the sales. Blackboard (MTV) has us being exhorted to change what we do and say, by two blackboards and a whiteboard in a mix of computerised and stop-motion work. Shoelace Soccer (NIKE) and School House (Coca Cola) similarly succeed in a crowded market place in securing attention for the product. Just for fun I've had my classes working out how many techniques Osbert has used. Goodness knows what they will make of his longer films. In a studio with a fine array of talent, his employer Curious Pictures has a director producing cutting edge, distinctive work.

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Ian Lumsden said...

By one vote my classes selected the Coca Cola ad as their favourite closely followed by Nike. "Awesome" was one word to describe the coke ad.