Friday, 24 October 2008

The Portable Film Festival

Interesting letter in my Inbox - a great resource for animation lovers. I'll take a look at some of the latest featured work later:

Hi Ian,

Thought maybe you and readers would be interested in checking out our site. The Portable Film Festival is reaching out for viewers to indulge in our online visual feast of short film, music video, documentary and animation content. Everyday a new film is featured on the site for masses to view free of charge. These films can additionally be uploaded onto any digital device whether iPod, 3G phone or PSP for your portable viewing pleasure. Traffic jams, malfunctioning elevators and Trans Siberian railways never looked so good. Filmmakers are invited to submit films for daily programming in addition to the annual festival held every August that is judged by viewers along the categories of Short Film, First Hand Capture, Look at Me, Music Video and Animation. Past winners have gone on to receive Oscar nominations, feature film funding and high level exposure as the site achieves 300 000 visits annually from across the globe.The Portable Film Festival also curates content through online Showcases. Past Exhibitions have featured candid interviews with prominent film and music figures in Coffee and Cigarettes, stories off the old beaten track in Road Movie Showcase and the latest from Canadian cinema in Oh Canada. Screening from October 27 is the Woof Wan-Bau Showcase featuring five of this eccentric London based director's innovative music videos and short films. Each of these shorts are characterized by an otherworldliness, transporting audiences across the threshold into fantastic and virtual spaces, making the familiar strange and the strange familiar. The works featured are exemplary of Woof Wan-Bau's eclectic style; Everyday items take on an uncanny quality as in "Friend of the Night", streetlamps magically ascend into the starry sky as in "My Angel Rocks Back and Forth"; it's images such as these that impress the senses with the beauty and magic of the everyday. The Woof Wan Bau showcase is not to be missed!The Portable Film Festival works to democratize film for creators and viewers alike so come check out for your free daily dose in the latest from the moving image and celebrate being portable.


James Scullin
Showcase Programmer
Portable Film Festival

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