Saturday, 18 October 2008

Sarolta Szabo and Tibor Banoczki "Red Bull" + Thorsten Fleisch Red Bull short

London is a world city, the home now of my daughter and attracts the best of world talent. Two such are Hungarians, photographer Sarolta Szabo and animator Tibor Banoczki. Red Bull X13 is a combined live action and computer generated animation set in the inside of some giant mechanical factory, where recognisable human beings toil away robot-like. As the mechanisms turn in the innards of the machine we realise the fizz they generate is from the tin. Dramatically at least the pounding rhythm 0f 'Die Eier von Satan' from the band Tool could not be better chosen though whether or not the drink manufacturers would want to be linked to the eggs of Satan is a moot point. Nothing contentious about the animation on display here though. The filmed figures miming through their toils and interwoven into the intricately wrought clockwork apparatus of the animation is beautifully achieved. Domestic Infelicity is the blog given over to the combined talents of Sarolta and Tibor from where I lifted the stills - worth a click for the detail they reveal. Holtágban (Dead Water) reviewed earlier for the Animation Blog is one of my favourite films on the whole blog and how it missed my top ten selection for the year is entirely down to my ineptitude. Read my review via the link to Tibor's name above; and the YouTube reference is one of a number by a marvellous uploader of top movies - one of his on Monday. You may also be interested in this predominantly live action short commissioned by Red Bull for their X13 compilation from Germany's Thorsten Fleisch. It too is powerful though it commences easily enough and the mouse creeping out of the tin is a particularly cute fellow. For details of the competition that has occasioned this activity, go to Filmaka.

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Hi Ian,
thanks for your review, we are really glad you liked the piece.
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