Thursday, 30 October 2008

Tex Avery "The Flea Circus"

Whilst I journey back from my short vacation enjoy Tex Avery's 1954 movie, The Flea Circus. It tells the tale of how a flea romance saved the theatre and how dangerous dogs are to such a business model. You'll notice more gags for your money than any other animator and there's an attention to the logic of it all. Huge microphone, beaming spotlights, tiny performers - with a great heart. Watch the stage without the magnifying glass and it's all a collection of dots; afix the glass to your eyes and, ladies and gentlemen, all human life is here. And aren't they clever, 'specially Fifi. She's so gorgeous a man could forget to scratch.

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Flea Circus Research Library said...

Glad you enjoyed this flea film. Have you seen any other animated flea films?