Thursday, 30 October 2008

Tex Avery "The Flea Circus"

Whilst I journey back from my short vacation enjoy Tex Avery's 1954 movie, The Flea Circus. It tells the tale of how a flea romance saved the theatre and how dangerous dogs are to such a business model. You'll notice more gags for your money than any other animator and there's an attention to the logic of it all. Huge microphone, beaming spotlights, tiny performers - with a great heart. Watch the stage without the magnifying glass and it's all a collection of dots; afix the glass to your eyes and, ladies and gentlemen, all human life is here. And aren't they clever, 'specially Fifi. She's so gorgeous a man could forget to scratch.


Flea Circus Research Library said...

Glad you enjoyed this flea film. Have you seen any other animated flea films?

Steven Mercer said...

Thank you very much for providing such an interesting information that i could not stop my self from seeing the movie and found the same as you mentioned here. This is one of the most 11 hilarious and romantic movies i have ever seen.