Thursday, 9 October 2008

Uri Alonim & Moshe Servatka "Hardcover & Paperback"

Hardcover & Paperback by the Israeli pair of Uri Alonim and Moshe Servatka is creating massive interest on the Aniboon/YouTube site at the moment. Stop motion animation is withstanding the onslaught of GGI. A chorus girl meets her man in an art gallery and one things leads to another. Of course, houses made of cards can crumble but chorus girls the world over are a tough breed and there are other fish to fry. The interest created is for two reasons. One is that Hardcover & Paperback is a very funny movie, witty and surprising. Second is that the movie is a tribute to the origamist's art. From the intricate curls of the girl's hair to the very buildings they inhabit, the piece is carefully crafted. There are especially nice touches - the use of definitively folded paper planes or birds for example, to contrast with the more artistic flourishes. Contrast this with the pair's more conventional Heights of Society.

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