Saturday, 1 November 2008

4Talent Award Winners 2008: Karen Penman & Liam Brazier

I've lost track of time what with this climbing of mountains and getting my hands cold so I am delighted to return a day late to discover Karen Penman and Liam Brazier have won the top animation prize in the 4Talent Animation Award 2008, the awards ceremony to be held on 4th December at Channel 4. The Animation Award was judged by Ruth Fielding, Lupus Films and animation consultant to Channel 4, and Helen Brunsdon, Development Executive at Aardman: Stand out work with a real wow-factor. Impressive and diverse use of techniques and an ability to challenge the viewer and themselves. Given a chance and some decent budgets, you just know these two talented animators are going to go on bigger and better things. We were also very impressed by their ability to self promote via their website.” I could not have said it better myself, though I did say nice things on their behalf in their submission form. Type their names into the search facility and check out their work. A perfect blend of traditional animation and eye popping contemporary film-making. Karen is a fizzing PR machine and it helps if you have quality to sell because they are pretty special in that department too. I've lost track of the excellent animators who forget the fundamentals of the business world. Their website - - big somebodies.

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