Friday, 21 November 2008

Aleksandra Korejwo "Butterfly" and "Article 16"

A visit to Acme Filmworks is to be confronted by a surfeit of riches. Their directors are fabulous talents with a diversity of styles representing some of the world's finest. Aleksandra Korejwo fits it the category, her roll call of honour being long and distinguished. On Sunday week I will look at one of her earlier classic pieces. Today it's two of her ads. Butterfly is from the celebrated stable of ads for United Airlines, many of which I have featured over the last two years. In her trademark swirl of coloured salt the ad celebrates the airline's flat-bed seats in their Business Class flights. A woman in scarlet dress is whisked off to the clouds, transforming into opera diva and then butterfly in her opulent comfort. Using illuminated salt on black canvas and shed condor feathers for her brush, the rich blue and red, together with the movement of stirred salt is luscious. The same technique is used in a harder edged short for UNICEF Article 16, emphasising the threats to human rights as well as stressing the innocence of childhood. The UNICEF campaign of ads for Children's Rights has representation in differing styles from several countries. Aleksandra's website is KOREJWO’S ART.

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