Friday, 7 November 2008

Betsy De Fries & Jerry van de Beek "Au Petite Mort"

Au Petite Mort is the second of an intended series of three shorts from Little Fluffy Clouds. The action begins with an autumn leaf in the river. Symbols of autumn, ever since I read John Keats in school, have always signalled danger and sure enough the iridescent dragonfly is in mortal danger as the equally brilliant fish surges up towards the surface and its prey. The dramatic twist in the tale is nicely achieved and there is a magnificent sense of spectacle to the whole piece, from fragmented droplets of disturbed water to the animals themselves. The life cycle of the river is vividly encapsulated. Au Petite Mort was created using traditional hand cel animation and a combination of Softimage and Flash. It was rendered in Mental Ray, which accounts I guess for the outstanding lighting effects. In similar fashion to their film yesterday, Betsy De Fries (UK ) and Jerry van de Beek (Netherlands) have produced a beautiful piece of work, though here amidst all the dazzling beauty there is cruelty.

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