Friday, 14 November 2008

Brady Baltezore The Country (Billy Collins)

A time back a correspondent suggested it must be hard obtaining sufficient material for a daily post. Quite the opposite. The Sundance Channel's Action Poetry featuring the poems of Billy Collins provides a wealth of starting off points with different styles of movies. Today’s movie therefore is 31 year old Brady Baltezore's The Country (20mb) made in 2006. Collins explores the little anxieties that plague us, in this instance, the rural householder who locks away his matches in case a mouse takes one into the floorboards and sets the house on fire. Initially sceptical, even amused, the narrator, a city dweller, is nevertheless himself disturbed as he ponders that little grey figure scurrying about beneath his bed, lighting the match and igniting the building. He leaps into fantasy as the "brown Druid" raises his torch to his grey followers and burns the house down. Anxieties: what if a mouse found a match, did I actually lock the front door before setting off to another continent, what if what I said to her was interpreted as….The neuroses of modern man sprinkled with a dry humour. Brady treats the story in linear fashion - the guy lecturing on the dangers of matches, the restless night, the rodent weaving its way through the innards of the house, striking the match and captivating his thrilled followers to a backdrop of blazing house. The piece is drawn in 2D with lots of close-ups of matches, mouse and man. Into this world are added rendered photographic images of keys, pipework or kitchen table. The mix complements a poem in which fear and fun are intertwined. Formally working for San Francisco’s Radium Brady is now freelance. More of his work, as I am wont to say, later. In the meantime Brady's website is Pistols Loaded and terrific.

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