Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Dave Jones "Sleep Elusive"

I write too much. It's a fault. Sometimes I should just cut down the word count on my posts. Dave Jones has his economy of effort off to a fine art. Produced early in his career, Sleep Elusive is one of the best comic shorts using Flash. The plot is simple. Man is tired and ready for sleep. Noise from the next apartment breaks that sleep. Man rages and rages before determining on destroying the noise makers whose nocturnal pleasures are driving him mad. Man makes big mistake. El Emigrante and The Heist, again employing early versions of Flash, have different styles, the latter being a more conventional cartoon. Economical, funny and stylish these comic shorts are a delight. And don’t miss Vanessa Amorosi as she attempts to retrieve her dog. Dave is a natural artist, master of comic timing and I am a great admirer of his work. He now works more in stop motion which I shall be looking at shortly. Visit his website, Transience.

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