Thursday, 6 November 2008

Dave Jones "Swain" & "Teetering"

Courtship, if I remember that far back, is a precarious occupation, like walking a tightrope. I have been fond of Dave Jone's Flash animations from way back. His humorous shorts have delighted my classes over the years. By way of introduction to his work, here are two related pieces revealing the pitfalls of that girl thing. Made in 2003, Swain is his gentle take on the fledgling romance between a pair of birds in the forest. Drawn throughout in black and white and with an easy on the ear soundtrack by Al MacInnes, we follow the courtship routine as our hero discovers that waving his backside feathers in the chick's direction fails, as does stuffing her face with food: capturing a girl's heart is a dangerous business. Teetering is more pared down, set on a seesaw where guy with bouquet attempts to woo compliant female placed precariously at the other end of the balance. Dave set up Transience in 1999 and has a great Flash interface with merchandise, games and other delights on show - the games especially are a tremendous find. By the way, once again, Dave is another who has an aniBoom Radiohead entry - check out the link - one more in a long line of disappointed people. More of Dave's work very soon including a comic gem; in the meantime check out his contribution to the Dust Echoes site if you like flash games. A flash animator of genuine wit, underpinned by artistic talent, check him out.

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