Tuesday, 18 November 2008

David Chai "Cole Needs Women"

Cole Needs Women directed by David Chai is a very funny movie. Our hero in this excellent comic short discovers that, after researching the subject assiduously, he desires all the woman in the world. The international ladies are duly enticed into his spaceship by a cunning plan involving a wonderful poster and odour of chocolate. So successful is he in his mission that he denudes the world of its women. Will he answer the call of men everywhere to return them? Beautifully drawn in cartoon style, the humour is consistent in this shades of grey movie, with genuinely witty visual gags packed into the mix - from the positions Cole assumes to do his surreptitious research on woman's habits, the anarchy of salmon attacking a bear, and the pods returning the women to the Earth. David, as well as independently producing award winning animations, is an instructor of animation at San Jose State University. His work is a regular feature of festivals across the world. More from his The House of Chai and José State Animation / Illustration Club.

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