Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Emru Townsend: Little Fluffy Clouds Podcast

My reviews usually concern the skill of the animator. Last night I listened to Podcast 016: Little Fluffy Clouds first broadcast on 31st October 2007 for Frames Per Second Magazine. In the past few days I have praised the animation studio and here Emru Townsend interviews Betsy de Fries and Jerry Van de Beek about the studio they have been running for over eleven years, with conspicuous success given the status of their clients. The interview is full of insight about the commercial world in which they operate, techniques and their philosophy. Disarmingly honest and straightforward in their approach, I was left wishing I had listened to the podcast before putting fingers to keyboard, feeling I had been informed about the state of the industry, warming to the two and, here’s the rub, admiring the skill of an interviewer not projecting himself; Emru establishes a great rapport, allowing Betsy and Jerry to digress where appropriate, gently refocusing as required, and displaying knowledge of the business in an understated manner. A must listen to feature for all would-be animators, and interviewers.

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