Monday, 3 November 2008

Flip Books and Pop-Ups

The Flip Book (or ”flick” book) has been occupying my attentions for reasons not unconnected with a book on animation I am preparing. Filming the enterprise and posting it on YouTube seems to be popular judging by the number of hits made on the second of the two films featured today - approaching, wait for it, one and a half million hits. Probably the Biggest Flip Book Video in the World... Ever is, at eight minutes long, certainly bigger than most and whilst making no claims to greatness is fast moving and instructive of the medium. Matrix style flipbook animation is a little more polished and covers the theme of a bullet being loaded into a pistol and fired off with all the time-confusing antics of the film that bears its name. The animator has attached a helpful gauge to illustrate the different camera speeds. Filming the process avoids the dog-eared look of some of my own creations; as an introduction to animation flip books are excellent indeed. One and a half million! However for sheer ingenuity may I recommend Marion Bataille’s ABC3D. It is actually a pop-up book par excellence with mirrors, tracing paper and card used ingeniously in a book released just in time for the Christmas market. The publishers have released a YouTube animated version to drum up interest and judging by the number of hits, they have succeeded.


Anonymous said...

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Ian Lumsden said...

Thanks Ramya.