Saturday, 29 November 2008

Hank Friedman - "Care for Some Whiskey" (Leerone)

Care For Some Whiskey has singer Leerone enjoying an alfresco meal with several fluffy friends when she inadvertently falls into a hole where a charmless ogre with knife is busily making mince of several caged furry innocents. Our girl does not panic however and a gift of a flower seems sufficient to dissuade her would-be mincer to give up his day job and prepare to join in a more conventional feast with new found friends. As well as being as good writer, Leerone is no mean actress and director Hank Friedmann embellishes her talents with his well edited stop motion work, to add to his excellent set and models. Strange to see the residents of Sesame Street wielding knives, or minced up and stored in gooey jars. A real fun movie. I love the song. The singer sounds a bit like Tore Amos here, a favourite of mine, so I'll have a look at refilling my iPod with Leerone's album. The live action camera work was by Larkin Seiple and the indispensable DeK from No Fat Clips has a 58mb high resolution version for download (Care For Some Whiskey). Leerone's blog is a hundred times more literate than most in the genre and from there I learn that Long Beach born Hank "created the Transdimensional Short Film Festival, and produced and directed the UCLA sketch comedy program Fireside Chats" and currently works for Final Cut LA. A talented man and, I bet, a busy man after this.

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