Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Kenny Frankland "All Hell Is Breaking Loose" (London Elektricity)

Kenny Frankland is a busy man with a stack of work to his credit. All Hell Is Breaking Loose is a lively affair for the band, London Elektricity. The title says it all. If Hell is this much fun then bring it on. As John Milton discovered, it is easier to make Hell more attractive than Paradise so the denizens of the twilight world have little to break out from. Skeletal clubbers boogie to a great sound and we can all sing along to, and memorise, the lyrics. The movie is very much tongue-in-cheek: the zombie drawn to the angels in the band, the guy eating a take-away, the break dancer losing his hand - retrieved at the close - all adding to the burning humour of hell. Gargoyles, traditional Casper-type ghosts, the aforementioned zombies, and even Satan are thrown in for good measure as was that spare arm hurled aloft by diabolical ravers. The video was made for Hospital Records through Radar Music Videos. Great song too. I have added Radar, an impressive film-maker network, to my favourites list. It provides invaluable opportunities for animators and, as in this case, often leads to commissions. I'll take a detailed look at their other animation work on display in the next week or so. In the meantime Kenny's TinSpider Studio is well worth the visit. He won Best Music Video for Red Ocean at the 2nd Annual AniBoom awards - the music by Audio Mainline.

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