Saturday, 15 November 2008

Lisa Paclet "Shoe Army"

With a cosmopolitan background of higher education in Florence, Minneapolis and Paris, and currently working in the animation and film industry in the French capital Lisa Paclet produces innovative work. Take Ghost Dancing, an accidental animation, so-called, in which two dresses hanging outside the apartment doors sway in the breeze or Shoe Army in similar vein albeit these are her rather fashionable shoes extracted from the wardrobe in November of last year, photographed, music added and synchronised from slim and shapely to bold and chunky, light and lemon to gloss black. Here she encapsulates a life, formal and play. It really works this idea so much so that am I thinking of nicking it and emptying out the wardrobe. Sadly my colour balance would be two-tone and altogether more chunk than chic. I guess Lisa completed the work in bare feet. She wastes little. Wrapped chocolate fish form the artfully composed and orchestrated Fish. Moving away from her camera Lisa's Dinosaurs discloses the courtship rituals of the prehistoric beasts whilst at New York's Chelsea Hotel Lisa and her friends construct a piece of art that itself becomes the art. Fascinating and a nicely understated interface for her website.

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