Friday, 28 November 2008

Raimund Krumme "Ropedance"

It is instructive to compare Raimund Krumme's 1986 Ropedance with, as an example, his recent ad for women's Levi Jeans for Acme. Ropedance is a witty study in which two tiny male figures struggle for supremacy with a rope. Manipulating perspective and full of comic antics, the deceptively simple animation is typical of a master craftsman and artist at work. It takes the animation genre at face value, a medium able to impose a world of impossible possibilities and entertain into the bargain. Raimund's intelligence shines through in this classic work. His Trading Secrets has that same control of line and figures whereas it adds colour, upbeat music and is altogether contemporary. You might also be interested in his Pangea or Crossroads. Raimund's academic background and commercial expertise is impeccable. He is presently Professor for Animation, Academy of Media Arts in Cologne and has worked in Paris and in 1996 moved to the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles.

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