Thursday, 25 December 2008

Betsy de Fries & Jerry van de Beek "Hallmark Channel 'Twas the night for Walgreens"

What's this, the Animation Blog being sponsored by Hallmark? I should be so fortunate. Just a sequence of three ads stitched together from two of the best in the business, Betsy de Fries and Jerry van de Beek from Little Fluffy Clouds. Not aired on the UK television, 'Twas the night for Walgreens was made in 2006 for the Hallmark Channel. As with yesterday's movie it was based on, as one might conceivably guess, Twas The Night Before Christmas. I'll let Betsy continue the tale: "SNEEZE, sees Santa almost caught in the act of delivering the gifts and making use of the one-hour pharmacy, while, TREE, has Santa running to the store to replace broken lights, and finally in, PHOTO, Santa is snapped in the act by a little girl in PJ’s and learns to use Walgreens online digital photo service." The studio uses a mix of software to match the task. Here the 2D and 3D work was achieved using Illustrator, After Effects, Flash and Maya together with hand drawn material. The effect: classy little ads with lovely rounded characters like those wooden figures one sees in the classy shops at Christmas.

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