Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Boymongoose "12 Days of Christmas"

Nothing wrong with a totally unashamed bash at populism for Christmas with three and a half million views for 12 Days of Christmas, an Indian romp through the traditional song with witty replacement lyrics .......... "3 buttered chickens, 2 nosy in-laws and a totally insufficient dowry...... " Reputedly the track from Boymongoose can be downloaded from their website ( though the connection failed when I attempted it - saturation point. And the ingredients of the run-up to the Christmas? IT graduates, cricket ball tamperers and in the screengrabs, 4 Hare Krishnas and 8 Bollywood Films. Bona fide sub continent dwellers? I doubt it but great fun. Thank you, Emelye, for the link to Try it, Elf-yourself - just have a photo of yourself handy.

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