Sunday, 7 December 2008

César Diaz Melendez "Sand Animation"

Sand Animation sounds more descriptive than title. "No corras tanto" to my Anglo Saxon ears sounds much better. 33 year old Madrid resident César Diaz has worked in animation in television and video since 1994 using a variety of media . César plays base guitar for El Combolinga and this is where I shall begin because the music is superb, with a lilting melody and rhythm that is uplifting. His sand animation complements the song to perfection. I am always wary of multi-talented people being scarcely mono-talented myself but César is a rare breed. There is an ease of movement as shapes, abstract and concrete, merge into each other in that fluidity sand animation is able to achieve in the hands of the natural artist. Some of the images are very beautiful - dancers, attractive women, a flower in the desert, man crawling through the desert before morphing into a serpent. One scene is particularly spectacular as we view an eye that transforms into a guitar, the strings combed by the artist's hand over the sand and lightbox. The energy of the piece is exciting as we bound from one image to another. Love does that to a man I guess. But what I like more than anything is the manipulation of the coloured sand in something of a virtuoso performance.

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