Saturday, 20 December 2008

Jeremy Mansford & Kora *Skankenstein" + Upbeats

For lovers of a form I don't post enough of on the blog, here is a manga music video for Kora. Directed by Jeremy Mansford, Skankenstein has some classic super hero scenes with suitable grimaces, exaggerated eye movements and sorcery. I am hardly won over with the fantasy genre in the sense of conventional story-telling, though the dramatic and expert comic book artwork of Damon and Kieran Oats impresses, together of course with traditional cel animation by Rodney Selby and Eion McNaught, plus 3D work from Preston McNeil. A joint project between New Zealand's Kraft:haus Films and Mofresh, the latter company has a London base, there is a very strong drawing style, a particularly impressive conclusion and some spectacular special effects. Manga. I shall have to feature more of the genre. Paul Gravett's on-line article An Introduction to....Manga is a good starter for those, like me, who need to learn more about the art form on the printed page. Meantime, Mofresh has its share of innovative music videos available, I particularly enjoyed their production for Upbeats - Thinking Cap. Again it is a fantasy landscape with youth, lantern and black bird attempting to elude some nasties. The studio is an accomplished one.

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