Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Joaquin Baldwin "Voodoo"

Dear Ian,
…and the Grand Winner of the aniBoom Awards 2008 is, drum roll please… Joaquin Baldwin’s 3d animation, AniBoomSebastian’s Voodoo”, the touching story of a voodoo doll that sacrifices himself for his friends.
This year the Grand Winner was chosen by the combined ranking of both the Community and Jury, meaning “Sebastian’s Voodoo” was loved by all.
With $50,000 worth of cash and prizes going to the top 50 places there is a lot to celebrate at
Come see who the other 3 Community Choices were. They were determined based on how you and other aniboom members viewed, voted and promoted your favorites movies, contributing to their virality.
Find out which three movies were selected by our impressive judges panel which included the founder of Sony Pictures Animations, Yair Landau.
Watch all the winning animations and read all the details at
See you next year,
The aniBoom team

I'm delighted for Joaquin. I wrote a review of his work in September. He has also very courteously offered to assist with my book on animation. Glad I met him before he became a star! As I said in September, "He is an animator of substance and promise."

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