Friday, 12 December 2008

Little Nobody Studios "Every Time I Close My Eyes" Clare Blackman

Every Time I Close My Eyes is the latest offering from Little Nobody Studios, the set up of Karen Penman, Liam Brazier and, newcomer, Greg Kitten whose photography is much in evidence in their latest project, a stop motion piece for singer Clare Blackman. Set in an artfully untidy child's bedroom, a paper girl sets out to discover the whereabouts of paper boy - not difficult in my case as he usually arrives just too late for me to read the news prior to setting out for work. No malice of any sort in the video, save for a dismembered leg, as a bunny rabbit wrinkles its nose and toys come to life. Much of the movement comes from the cut-out figures though there are more traditional flourishes of computer animation to enliven a subtle movie and some interesting camerawork of angles and blurred images. I am once again persuaded of the merits of cut-outs, particularly set against such delicately accumulated bric-a-brac of paint trays, dolls house and cuties, all with the innocent colours of childhood. I like the song too, in fact the entire package with little nobodies being as inventive as ever. My iPod is full of music triggered by my animation reviews. I'm even promised a full music collection from one featured artist in time for Christmas.

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Liam Brazier said...

Thanks Ian, as ever, for the kind words.

Just in case any reader wants to hear any more Clare Blackman I thought I'd do her the courtesy (after she blessed us with the use of her song) of pointing them her-ways; Enjoy!