Monday, 8 December 2008

Marie Paccou "Le Jardin"

Le Jardin is a metaphor of love and readiness to love set in idyllic surroundings as a young couple awake in a garden. Whilst her partner is still dozing the girl takes a goldfish bowl to a nearby bush to check to see if the hanging fish is yet ripe. She has to wait awhile and as her partner tends the flowers she amuses herself lazing in a deckchair, donning the bowl on her head and washing her feet in it. If all this seems a trifle odd, such is the lush use of colour and majestic music by Matthieu Aschehoug, one is swept along with the romance and narrative. When the weather turns stormy, the pair dance in the rain and the by now ripened goldfish is shared as they enjoy the fruits of the garden together. Such romance. Just as director Marie Paccou seized one's attention in Un Jour with her arresting use of metaphor, she repeats the feat, though the bare black and white monochrome of her 1997 film is here replaced by vibrant colour. She uses thick daubs of paint, or at least the appearance of it, in her work. The artwork is bold and the animation expert. As a trigger for discussion in the classroom the movie is perfect: waiting for the moment so that true love will out and withstand the vicissitudes of daily life. All this symbolism and such a peach of a movie too! 33 year old Marie is very French though, like many of the world’s foremost animators, obtained her MA at The Royal College of Art in 2000 after she graduated from l'Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs.

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