Thursday, 11 December 2008

Mario Cavalli "VW Summer's Morning" & "Compaq Bird"

Today’s animator is hugely experienced in producing animated commercials for some of the biggest brands around. Mario Cavelli’s website for his production company, Colony Media Limited, informs us that he has created “literally hundreds of commercials and multi-prize winning and innovative short films”. From a huge, top quality selection here are two totally different commercials that show the range of his work. VW Summer’s Morning is a stunning use of CGI. The 2004 ad pans over a field of poppies and luscious garden flowers, except these are not flowers but serried ranks of that most emblematic of cars, the VW Beetle Cabriolet, arrayed in luscious displays. The vibrancy of the colour and the intricate arrangement of flowers, sorry automobiles, is simply stunning. Mario directed the animation of Ravi Swami, Sylvain Magne and Darkside. And there’s the gorgeous voice of Minnie Ripperton to add to the glory of a resplendent summer. I’ll buy the car now, or maybe the song. Compaq Bird is the exact opposite in style being black and white. Here a bird has drank far too much strong coffee and charges through town and sea bed peeping into every nook and cranny in a frantic search. The early bird would have caught the worm much easier had he used Alta Vista though we would not have had such fun. Simply and economically drawn in what I take to be Flash, it is witty and entertaining throughout, what's more it sells the product. It was made with co-directors, Grant Orchard and Dominic Griffiths. The two ads were created for Bermuda Shorts and Studio Aka. More of Mario's later and astonishingly varied work in short films shortly.

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