Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Michele D'Auria "Honda: The Power of Dreams"

The Power of Dreams is an extended promotional ad for Honda (Italia), though the company has got a glossy video for themselves from 28 year old Michele D’Auria's romantic vision as he traces the first steps for the founder of the international giant. Soichiro Honda is shown in his early days, cycling with his friend, then working towards his dream in workshop and at the drawing board. The night scenes, the moon much in evidence, give the young man something to dream about other than the developing bike, which with motor attached culminated in the founding in 1949 of Honda as we know it. The ten minute video is very much in homage to the great man - no harm in that as I drive one of his dream machines myself. The screenshots say it all though they cannot reveal the lush soundtrack music of Lino Cannavacciuolo that elevates the whole piece quite wonderfully. Michele has selected another excellent colleague in Simone Prisco whose backgrounds are delectable. (I am researching backgrounds at the moment for a forthcoming post.) The voice in the English version is Ken Belton, suitably resonant and perhaps just hinting at one of those automated, persuasive guides selling the virtues of historic houses. I must mention the mix of styles as the drawings, diagrams and pencils come alive to illustrate the developments though being a softie I guess I prefer the idyllic Japanese landscapes. A great commission for Michel and he more than justifies Honda's trust in him.


Mark said...

I see it on FWA Theatre it's amazing... AMAZING

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