Friday, 5 December 2008

Piece of Me, Piece of You (Three Legged Legs)

Piece of Me, Piece of You by Santa Monica based Three Legged Legs (comprising trio, Casey Hunt, Greg Gunn & Reza Rasoli) is a puppet zombie movie, to a background track by Chromeo. Each of the zombies is made, naturally enough, from soft felt. In keeping with the genre the zombies chomp away after their transformation, doing a Michael Jackson style streetdance though they are a tad less frightening. The company was not used to puppet work and took on the extra services of artists Andrew Hem for the design and Adam Parker Smith and Carolyn Salas for the puppets, Adam doing the heads, Carolyn building the bodies. What makes the movie so special - and I have to say it is great fun and wonderfully produced - is the guys' occasional florid but always vivid and illuminating account of the process of filming from the original pitch right through to post production: the movie, unlike its characters, comes to life. Short video snips, sketches and photographs raise the dead. Full Credits and there's a high resolution (250 mb) download to boot - Piece of Me, Piece of You. The movie was made for Zune Arts, about which quite a bit more shortly.

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