Saturday, 6 December 2008

Simone Massi "La memoria dei cani" (The Memories of Dogs)

Simone Massi's La memoria dei cani is a riveting animation set in the past, like an earlier piece I covered some months back (I Know Who I Am). The narrator remembers his pet dog. Again there is that odd alienated feel to the movie, the central character running, forever moving, searching for the animal in a landscape and home peopled by adults who either stare at him or avoid his eyes. The boy runs past the animal, yet is clearly searching for it. Those present have a conspiratorial, guilty air about them and, at the close and after the deed that so disturbed the boy, he faces us with an angry glower as if we too are to blame. One of the best YouTubers around, HawthorneAbendsen, translates the only speech in the movie: "My cheeks brush against the stones, I look out from a break in the wall." (In my last post on his movie, Simone offered a better translation than I had mustered so I await his intervention here.) From the words I guess the young boy witnessed the death of his pet and this occasioned the work. It's only guesswork, the allusiveness of it all is a part of its attraction. What is not in doubt is the absolute skill of the artist, apparent in the quality of line drawings whilst the textured finish adds to the sense of painful memoir. La memoria dei cani is a powerful, compelling movie from an animator I have great regard for. Simone was working in France when I last heard from him and promised to retrieve some of his other films from his agent should I require them: I shall have to take him up on his offer.

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ana said...

this animation is great, it doesn't seem to anything else, it is black and white but in the same time it colorful...thank you for post